Saturday, April 4, 2009

My first lesson

April 4, 2009 My first real dance lesson!

Today I planned to meet with my dance teacher for my first lesson. His name is Bill Goschen and he is good! His beautiful and talented wife, Sue, was there too. She is a great dancer as well. Check out Bill's web page: Very impressive!

My first responsibility was to find a place to practice. Not an easy task!

I spent half the morning looking for a dance studio. I left messages all over the place and spoke to a number of people. I had just about given up when an angel, AKA, Beverly Furst, called me and graciously agreed to allow Bill to teach me at the Health and Racket Club. Beverly is a well know local in Ocean City who owns the Ocean City Health and Racket Club. She is also very active with charitable organizations herself. She has a big heart and a great family! Check out their web page:

Thanks again Bev!

When I first arrived, I met the owner, Mr. Furst,who you see
here pictured with my dance partner, Bill. Two handsome guys, huh?!
Mr. Furst said the Wellness Community is an outstanding organization and he is proud and happy to help us with this great cause. The dance room we used has a wooden floor, mirrors to watch all my mistakes, and a great sound system.

I ended up putting the Dancing with Delmarva Stars magnet on the door because people kept looking in and wanted to know what was going on!
So far everyone who hears about this event is excited about it and thinks it's a really cool idea.

The lesson began-dutdutdaaaa...

We started slow. Bill taught me how to stand like a dancer (still have a lot of work there) Attitude is important here! So is good balance and posture.

I learned some basic steps. Bill is a tough instructor. He demands perfection! He even uses a fly swatter to keep his students in line.
See this photo!

Wow, I have an all new respect for dancers! My first lesson went well, but it was hard work. I can't wait for my family and friends to see this dance when I perform on May 16. Bill showed me some fancy lifts, dips and surprise moves that I think will impress the judges and audience! Let's just pray I can master them! I am confident I will with such a great teacher and partner. Sue was a great help. Thanks again Sue!

We practiced for almost two hours. I was pretty tired at the end. It was a work out, for sure.
Check it out for yourself. Here's some video footage from today:

As you can see, I've got a ways to go! I can tell you it was a lot of fun and I'm hooked on dancing!

PS The April 2 kick off was very nice. The food was incredible and I got to meet a lot of wonderful people from the Wellness Community and the Stars! All the Stars were so friendly and a little scared like me. We posted our first web cam confessional, like on those reality TV shows. Check it out on the

Now remember to go the web page and vote for me with dollars! Every dollar counts as a vote. Don't you think all the hard work I put in today deserves a couple bucks? Please?!!!!! Thanks in advance and God Bless!

Dancing Chief B

PSS. Tonight I attended a DC Retired Police Officers function and when I told them about Dancing with the Delmarva Stars they all clapped. There was music at the function and a few of the gentleman whisked me to the dance floor. They told me they would give me a few lessons! They sure did! They were good dancers.I enjoyed the dances and the evening with these great citizens. They committed many years of honorable service to protecting Washington DC and I was honored and proud to speak to them tonight. Thank you all again for the experience, especially the wonderful group who sat at my table. They were so kind and enjoyable to meet.

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