Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dance Lesson 8! New Video MAYDAY Seacrets Friday night!

Hi Everyone!!!

It's been a few days since I last wrote of my dance adventures. Sorry-work has kept me busy. Don't you hate when that happens-worki interferes with your personal life! :)

Thanks and a shout out to my Mom and Dad who helped me put out about 100 posters Saturday Night. They were cheap labor-it only cost me a McDonald's $1.00 Sundae each! :) We are trying to get the word out! Love you both.

My brother paid me $100.00 to take his picture off this blog. haha I will after the dance!!!! My niece Sophia must get a mention here as the photgrapher who took that picture. She is 4 years old and so cute. When I showed her the picture of her Dad and me she said, "I took that picture!" and guess what-She did-so I owe her the credit! She was so excited to see the photo she took of us on Easter!

Well, I just got home from dance lesson # 8. Bill and I are really doing well. I really enjoy dancing. We had a photgrapher there and our photo will be in the Daily times Sunday.

Thanks again to the OC Health and Racket Club. It has been so easy using their facility.

Bill and I broke our dance down to paper, thanks to Sue for keeping track of out move last Saturday, and actually taped them to the mirror. Sue go to the Doc and feel better please! We broke the dance down move by move and rehearsed until we felt good about it. I finally got the posture deal tonight. It was like a click in my head. During past lessons Bill and Sue kept telling me shoulders back, hold your arms tight etc, but I didn't really get it until tonight! I also liked Bill's inspiration for the Eagle move! By arching my back it reduces the size of my behind! He didn't have to tell me that one twice! :) Check out our video! Listen as Bill panics thinking someone will read our steps!

I am feeling so much better about our routine and my dancing. It takes a lot of confidence! There are always people pointing out what you are doing wrong and I am not talking about Bill and Sue the professionals! They are great. They have been so patient and encouraging. They are supportive and wonderful. Some of my "fans" have not been the same. It's funny! Everyone thinks they can dance. I now have a better respect and appreciation for dancers. I watch Dancing with The Stars with a whole new eye! I appreciate the efforts dancers make when performing. It is just not easy, but they make it look effortless.

I have to admit Dance lesson # 6 was a rough one. I was not dancing to the music and for some reason I was not concentrating or I was thinking too much. It was a little discouraging for me becasue we had done so well during lesson #5. Sue and Bill realized I needed a pep up so on Lesson #7 we went back to the basics.

I still have a hard time when I realize someone is watching me! I better get over that one! And quick!

My daughter, Tabitha will be coming down Friday to help with the Seacrets Fund raiser! Thank you Girlie!

I want to invite everyone to come to Seacrets Friday night at 8:30. You've got to come. I have a cool 70's dress to wear and we have a lot of fun events planned. There will be food, 70's music, costume contest with prizes, a silent auction, dance for a buck with Bill or me, dancing tips by BG Dance instructor, Bill, and a preview, just a littletease, of our dance routine. It should be a Saturday Night Fever event! Since it's on May 1 we are calling it Mayday, Mayday, Bernadette needs Help!
As a big surprise I have the last of the tickets for the Dancing with Delmarva Stars up for auction Friday night! These are the last 5 tickets available so come in and bid!
Thanks again to the silent auction sponsors:
Hebron Bank, Seacrets, Atlantic BodyWork Center, Visions Day Spa, Dollies Seaside Basket courtesy of Bernadette DiPino, Atlantic Hotel gift cardc ourtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Cockrell, NASA memorabilia, Uof Md. folding chairs, courtesy of MML-Police Executive Association and much more to come!

I am pretty tired after dancing for almost two hours. But I feel happy and satisfied. Bill and I just texted each other over our dance schedule next week. We are working hard to put on a great performance. Please buy a ticket, donate some money in my name for a good cause, or come on out to Seacrets on Friday to have some fun and raise money for a good cause!

Thanks in advance and I hope to see you soon!
Dancing Chief B

I want and need to thank Janet Guiton for doing my costume. I am so excited about it. No clues, but just know it will be fabulous! She is a dear friend and a wonderful person. Her daughters are wonderful dancers too! I am thinking of buying them a blonde wig and sending them out on stage in my place! :) Only kidding-I want to dance!
I love it!

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