Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter! Lesson 3, Bulldog radio talk show and silent auction items

Happy Easter everyone.
Here's a picture of my brother, Charles, and me on Easter Sunday. He is a funny guy, huh? We had a great dinner with his family. I really enjoyed myself. How do you like the Easter Bonnet! I got a lot of comments about it.

He makes me laugh and I love him a lot. He is my baby brother.

Lesson 3
Bill and I met tonight at 7pm at the OC Health and Racket club. I saw Bev Furst there when I arrived. I thanked her agin for her generosity. We talked about the May 1 fundraiser at Seacrets and my radio appearance on 98.1 Bulldog's radio talk show which took place last friday at 930 am. I have to admit I had a lot of fun on the radio show! I was a little afraid of what to expect, but the guys on the show were such gentleman and so much fun. They were all very cute too! It was a good promo for the May 16th event as well as the May 1 event. Hurry and buy your tickets for the May 16th Dancing with Delmarva Stars because they are going fast. The Dancing with Delmarva Stars event is shaping up to be an incredible show. Bulldog was a great host and I am greatful for their support. They all were very charming. Check out their show! Thanks again Bulldog!

Ok back to the dancing...Three lessons down and I feel pretty good-tired, but good! My partner, Bill is fantastic. We did some cool moves tonight and if I can pull them off (of course Bill will make it work!) the dance will be awesome to see and fun to perform. I am stressing a little over my dance shoes. I ordered them 10 days ago and was promise they would be in within a week, but still no shoes! I have been a little worried about knowing my dance routine, but Bill put me at ease tonight. I have been practicing the basic dance steps and arm movements, but it is quite different when you add music and a partner! Then add heels and 800 people staring and look out butterflies!

Bill and I worked/danced for about 2 hours. We will practice again on Saturday. Hurray! Sue, his beautiful and supportive wife, will be there! It's cool to have her there to point out things and show me the proper way to move. I am looking forward to another lesson.
I have a few items for my silent auction on May 1 at Seacrets at 830 pm. Seacrets promised to put together a package and two 30 minute massage certificates from my good friend and trusted massage therapist, Carl Roberts from Atlantic Bodyworks 302-539-5099 Check out his web page! Carl is a kind and an awesome massage therapist. He works out every ache and pain! Come to Seacrets and bid on a massage or call his office and make an appointment. You will not regret it. He is professional and a great person. Massage will relieve stress and improve your over all health. His a picture of Carl.

When I was on the radio a sweet guy called and suggested I auction off a date with me as one of the items. I think I will put together a date package. I may try to put together a golf date with a nice dinner. What do you all think? I will be asking people with special talents or abilities to donate their time or talent to the auction.

Tomorrow night I am meeting with my new dance buddy and my friend Liz, for dinner to discuss getting the word out! I will update everyone tomorrow! Keep checking back and remember to vote for Bernadette DiPino at Buy a ticket in my name or donate in my name. I need your help!!!! Of course I want to win, but more importantly I want to raise money for this fantastic cause. Every dollar counts so if you can donate even $1 I will keep you in my prayers and be ever grateful.
Be safe,
Dancing Chief B

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