Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dance Lesson 8! New Video MAYDAY Seacrets Friday night!

Hi Everyone!!!

It's been a few days since I last wrote of my dance adventures. Sorry-work has kept me busy. Don't you hate when that happens-worki interferes with your personal life! :)

Thanks and a shout out to my Mom and Dad who helped me put out about 100 posters Saturday Night. They were cheap labor-it only cost me a McDonald's $1.00 Sundae each! :) We are trying to get the word out! Love you both.

My brother paid me $100.00 to take his picture off this blog. haha I will after the dance!!!! My niece Sophia must get a mention here as the photgrapher who took that picture. She is 4 years old and so cute. When I showed her the picture of her Dad and me she said, "I took that picture!" and guess what-She did-so I owe her the credit! She was so excited to see the photo she took of us on Easter!

Well, I just got home from dance lesson # 8. Bill and I are really doing well. I really enjoy dancing. We had a photgrapher there and our photo will be in the Daily times Sunday.

Thanks again to the OC Health and Racket Club. It has been so easy using their facility.

Bill and I broke our dance down to paper, thanks to Sue for keeping track of out move last Saturday, and actually taped them to the mirror. Sue go to the Doc and feel better please! We broke the dance down move by move and rehearsed until we felt good about it. I finally got the posture deal tonight. It was like a click in my head. During past lessons Bill and Sue kept telling me shoulders back, hold your arms tight etc, but I didn't really get it until tonight! I also liked Bill's inspiration for the Eagle move! By arching my back it reduces the size of my behind! He didn't have to tell me that one twice! :) Check out our video! Listen as Bill panics thinking someone will read our steps!

I am feeling so much better about our routine and my dancing. It takes a lot of confidence! There are always people pointing out what you are doing wrong and I am not talking about Bill and Sue the professionals! They are great. They have been so patient and encouraging. They are supportive and wonderful. Some of my "fans" have not been the same. It's funny! Everyone thinks they can dance. I now have a better respect and appreciation for dancers. I watch Dancing with The Stars with a whole new eye! I appreciate the efforts dancers make when performing. It is just not easy, but they make it look effortless.

I have to admit Dance lesson # 6 was a rough one. I was not dancing to the music and for some reason I was not concentrating or I was thinking too much. It was a little discouraging for me becasue we had done so well during lesson #5. Sue and Bill realized I needed a pep up so on Lesson #7 we went back to the basics.

I still have a hard time when I realize someone is watching me! I better get over that one! And quick!

My daughter, Tabitha will be coming down Friday to help with the Seacrets Fund raiser! Thank you Girlie!

I want to invite everyone to come to Seacrets Friday night at 8:30. You've got to come. I have a cool 70's dress to wear and we have a lot of fun events planned. There will be food, 70's music, costume contest with prizes, a silent auction, dance for a buck with Bill or me, dancing tips by BG Dance instructor, Bill, and a preview, just a littletease, of our dance routine. It should be a Saturday Night Fever event! Since it's on May 1 we are calling it Mayday, Mayday, Bernadette needs Help!
As a big surprise I have the last of the tickets for the Dancing with Delmarva Stars up for auction Friday night! These are the last 5 tickets available so come in and bid!
Thanks again to the silent auction sponsors:
Hebron Bank, Seacrets, Atlantic BodyWork Center, Visions Day Spa, Dollies Seaside Basket courtesy of Bernadette DiPino, Atlantic Hotel gift cardc ourtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Cockrell, NASA memorabilia, Uof Md. folding chairs, courtesy of MML-Police Executive Association and much more to come!

I am pretty tired after dancing for almost two hours. But I feel happy and satisfied. Bill and I just texted each other over our dance schedule next week. We are working hard to put on a great performance. Please buy a ticket, donate some money in my name for a good cause, or come on out to Seacrets on Friday to have some fun and raise money for a good cause!

Thanks in advance and I hope to see you soon!
Dancing Chief B

I want and need to thank Janet Guiton for doing my costume. I am so excited about it. No clues, but just know it will be fabulous! She is a dear friend and a wonderful person. Her daughters are wonderful dancers too! I am thinking of buying them a blonde wig and sending them out on stage in my place! :) Only kidding-I want to dance!
I love it!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

May 1 Fund raiser at Seacrets

Remember: This Friday, May 1 8:30 pm-10:30 pm Seacrets fund raiser to benefit the Wellness Community and support me, Bernadette DiPino, one of the "Stars" for Dancing with Delmarva Stars! Cost is $10 at the door and includes, food, silent auction items, a 70's costume contest, 70's Saturday Night Fever style music, dancing and much, much, more. A professional dancer, my great partner Bill, will be on hand to show you how to move! Please show up and help raise money for a great cause. The Wellness Community provides free counceling, support, and so much more to cancer patients. My Mom is a skin cancer survivor and I know so many people who are fighting cancer. This is a small way for me to thank God for the gift of my Mom as well as a way to help others in our community. Plus it will be a lot of fun. I always wanted to go to a disco when I was growing up, but by the time I was old enough to go to a disco, disco disappeared. So please help me live my dream of going to a disco by meeting me at Seacrets Friday and help me raise money for the Wellness Community!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lesson 5 Update/ Vote for Me!/Remember May 1

Hi Everyone,
This pix is a hint at what song Bill and I have choosen for our dance number. Send in your guesses! You'll never guess it! It's a pretty picture even if you can't guess the song!

I had my 5th lesson tonight. Bill and I have been working hard. We are doing pretty good. Bill is a great instructor and I can I am doing better! Bill has been so patient with me-such the novice that I am. But I must admit-I am finally dancing. My body is moving to the rhythm of the music. It is a lot of fun! I am really enjoying these lessons. The first few I was so scared that I was going to step the wrong way or embarrass myself! Now I look forward to the lessons and what a workout too! We've been working hard on our routine and have a very cool beginning planned. No hints-all I can say is Hot Hot Hot!
Remember to attend the Friday, May 1 event at Seacrets 8:30 pm-10:30 pm! It will be a lot of fun. Dress in your fav 70's style and getting your Boogie shoes ready to dance. We'll have a costume contest, silent auction items and a lot more fun. There will be a meet and greet with my Dance Pro-Bill G. He is amazing! You've got to come just to meet him! Thanks again to the Ocean City Health and Racket Club. Bev and Mr. Furst have been such gracious hosts. The location is perfect and has a great sound system. The work-out facilities are amazing. I get a kick out of the number of people who watch Bill and I dance after they finish their work outs. They want to know what's going on! They comment they really enjoy watching.

I met with Liz tonight-what a God send she is! We have been working hard to get the word out and plan the May 1 event. Melodie C is also a wonderful partner. She has given me great support and is so full of energy! I liked her the second I saw her. She is an Angel with a big heart. I am so happy to be working with her. She is working hard to promote this event and me! Thanks Melodie!

Remember to go to
and vote/donate in my name! I need help!!!!
It is for such a good cause!

Be safe,
Dancing Chief B

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lesson #4 & WMDT interview

Hi Everyone! This was Bill's face after our lesson today! A happy dance teacher.

Well, my forth lesson (about 2 hrs) went very well today. I am starting to get it! I was movin' on the dance floor! My partner, Bill, and I are really starting to gel! His wife Sue was there and was such a big help! She was so encouraging. She said I finally looked like I was having fun because I was smiling and looking at Bill. I guess up to now I've been so focused on concentrating on the steps I forgot to have fun! I think I've caught the dance bug! I love it! We tried some different music today too. (Mike Buble'- I love him and the song! But I can't reveal it at this time-top secret!) We continued to develop our routine. We discussed my costume and are really making progress! We've decided to pick up the pratice too because we want to win!!! ( Ok I want to win-but I think Bill wants to also!:))WMDT was there and filmed some of our practice including some lifts and footwork! They interviewed Bill and I at the end and it was pretty funny. We re-shot the last question when they asked what we wanted to say to our competition. I said in a bragging voice, Competition? What competition? We're just deciding whether we'll come in first or second?... haha. Sue held up a disco ball behind us when we told the camera we were performing a disco style dance.

I also got a plug in for the May 1 Disco 70's party fund raiser at Seacrets!

I really like working with Bill and Sue. They know how to pull the best out of you. Sue is a great role model and I learn alot about how to move by watching her perform with Bill. They are great dancers and teachers.

Everyone is asking me how the dancing is going. I sent out a mass email to a lot of people and am hoping to get some more money and support!

A special thanks to Melody and Liz for helping too. They are giving me ideas and spreading the word.

I just practiced some more tonight. I need to strengthen my legs and tighten my body movements. I have to admit I am getting more excited with each new lesson.

My next lesson is Monday night at the OC Health and Racket club-7pm. Come on in and watch if you are a member or join so you can see!

Don't forget about the May 1 event at Seacrets.
May 1 Seacrets 8:30-10:00 pm
That 70’s Extravaganza
Benefit for the Wellness Community
· Costume Contest
Come in early and sign up to be a judge!
Dress up in 70’s style clothes: think Partridge Family, Charlie’s Angels, disco era, Saturday Night Fever, Studio 54, Mama Mia, the Bee Gee’s, Elton John, KC and the Sunshine Band, the Commodores, the Village People, Cher, Blondie, Queen, Donna Summer
3 prizes-
· Best overall 70’s image
· Sexiest
· Most authentic

· Silent Auction
· Chinese auction
· 50/50
· Meet a professional dancer who will perform at the Dancing with the Delmarva Stars event

· Purchase your tickets for the Dancing with the Delmarva Stars

Thanks for viewing and keep supporting the Wellness Center!
God Bless,
Dancing Chief B

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter! Lesson 3, Bulldog radio talk show and silent auction items

Happy Easter everyone.
Here's a picture of my brother, Charles, and me on Easter Sunday. He is a funny guy, huh? We had a great dinner with his family. I really enjoyed myself. How do you like the Easter Bonnet! I got a lot of comments about it.

He makes me laugh and I love him a lot. He is my baby brother.

Lesson 3
Bill and I met tonight at 7pm at the OC Health and Racket club. I saw Bev Furst there when I arrived. I thanked her agin for her generosity. We talked about the May 1 fundraiser at Seacrets and my radio appearance on 98.1 Bulldog's radio talk show which took place last friday at 930 am. I have to admit I had a lot of fun on the radio show! I was a little afraid of what to expect, but the guys on the show were such gentleman and so much fun. They were all very cute too! It was a good promo for the May 16th event as well as the May 1 event. Hurry and buy your tickets for the May 16th Dancing with Delmarva Stars because they are going fast. The Dancing with Delmarva Stars event is shaping up to be an incredible show. Bulldog was a great host and I am greatful for their support. They all were very charming. Check out their show! Thanks again Bulldog!

Ok back to the dancing...Three lessons down and I feel pretty good-tired, but good! My partner, Bill is fantastic. We did some cool moves tonight and if I can pull them off (of course Bill will make it work!) the dance will be awesome to see and fun to perform. I am stressing a little over my dance shoes. I ordered them 10 days ago and was promise they would be in within a week, but still no shoes! I have been a little worried about knowing my dance routine, but Bill put me at ease tonight. I have been practicing the basic dance steps and arm movements, but it is quite different when you add music and a partner! Then add heels and 800 people staring and look out butterflies!

Bill and I worked/danced for about 2 hours. We will practice again on Saturday. Hurray! Sue, his beautiful and supportive wife, will be there! It's cool to have her there to point out things and show me the proper way to move. I am looking forward to another lesson.
I have a few items for my silent auction on May 1 at Seacrets at 830 pm. Seacrets promised to put together a package and two 30 minute massage certificates from my good friend and trusted massage therapist, Carl Roberts from Atlantic Bodyworks 302-539-5099 Check out his web page! Carl is a kind and an awesome massage therapist. He works out every ache and pain! Come to Seacrets and bid on a massage or call his office and make an appointment. You will not regret it. He is professional and a great person. Massage will relieve stress and improve your over all health. His a picture of Carl.

When I was on the radio a sweet guy called and suggested I auction off a date with me as one of the items. I think I will put together a date package. I may try to put together a golf date with a nice dinner. What do you all think? I will be asking people with special talents or abilities to donate their time or talent to the auction.

Tomorrow night I am meeting with my new dance buddy and my friend Liz, for dinner to discuss getting the word out! I will update everyone tomorrow! Keep checking back and remember to vote for Bernadette DiPino at Buy a ticket in my name or donate in my name. I need your help!!!! Of course I want to win, but more importantly I want to raise money for this fantastic cause. Every dollar counts so if you can donate even $1 I will keep you in my prayers and be ever grateful.
Be safe,
Dancing Chief B

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Friday May 1 MAYDAY, MAYDAY Seacrets Event 8:30-10:30 pm

Put Friday, May 1, 2009 on your calendar. Leighton Moore, the owner of the famous Seacrets Nite Club and restaurant, visit , has graciously agreed to host a fund raiser for my Dancing with the Delmarva Stars! From 08:30pm-10:30 pm everyone is invited to 49th st. and the Bay to help me raise money for the Wellness Community and have a good time. I will post more about the event when all the details are finalized. For now, we will have a silent auction. There will be dancing and music and I may sell dances or do a brief preview of my dance with my partner, Bill. There will be information there about the Wellness Community too.

My theme for this event will be MAYDAY, MAYDAY, Bernadette needs your help!!!

I will be on the radio, Ocean 98.1 FM WOCM, with Bulldog this Friday, April 10 from 9:30 am-10:00am to promote the Dancing with the Delmarva Stars and the May 1 event. Listen in!

I thank the Seacrets family, and especially Mr. Moore, for their generosity.

That's all for now....
Be safe,
Dancing Chief B

Monday, April 6, 2009

My daughter's help, Lesson Two and Meeting with my Dance Buddy

Hi Everyone!

I want to give a shout out to my daughter, Tabitha, who helped me start this blog and added the ABBA dancing Queen music. Thanks Tabitha!She is the best! I love you, Tab. She is my biggest cheerleader and supporter. I am hers! Here's a picture of us after her graduation from the Baltimore County Police Department. I am so proud of her. I pray to St. Michael to watch out for her. I am hoping she will be at the performance on May 16 to cheer me on. I have already bought her a ticket, so...

Well, I just finished my second dance lesson! Bill and I met at the Ocean City Health and Racket Club again. Thank you to the Furst Family! Bill worked me hard tonight. He was patient, but pushed me hard to get the best he could out of me. I have to admit I was getting pretty tired by the end of the class! We practiced the basic steps and time seemed to fly by. We even did a little fancier moves. I have a ways to go! I can't wait to get my dance shoes. I ordered them this week and should be getting them by Friday. I am secretly hoping they will magically turn me into a dancer! You know, you put on the shoes and they do the dance and all you have to do is wear them! I believe, I believe...
Bill gave me a great lesson and pep talk. I have a lot of practicing to do especially with my frame work and hands! I will practice Bill-no more fly swatter, please!!!! :) We need to pick out a song. What is your favorite 70's disco music? Send me some songs!

I spoke with Leighton Moore, the owner of Seacrets nite club here in Ocean City. We are going to meet this week to discuss a fundraiser at his club. I will keep you all posted with the date and time of the event! Mr. Moore is very generous to the Ocean City community. He has been involved with many fundraisers for a lot of good causes. I appreciate his willingness to assist with this cause. I have it from a good source that he was asked to dance as one of the stars but couldn't because of a knee injury. (Now why didn't I think of that one! :) ) Check back for the date and time of the event at Seacrets.

I met with my Wellness Community dance buddy, Teresa, today after work. She is wonderful. We grabbed a bite to eat and discussed strategies for raising money. We had a great meeting. She is working hard on getting the word out for me and making posters/cards to hand out. Thanks again Teresa!

If you have any ideas, please post them here!

I called my friend, Liz, to help me too. She agreed and came up with some great ideas! Liz, Teresa and I will meet again next week to discuss more concepts for raising funds. Teresa and Liz are full of energy and enthusiasm. I've got a great team behind me! Thank you Ladies!

I got a great email from Bill's wife, Sue. She sent me sone dance catalogues and she suggested asking the readers of this blog to give me some input and ideas for a costume/outfit to wear for the dance. So... tell me what you think I should wear. You've seen my photos so---send me some ideas for 70's dress. I am thinking about auctioning off the right to choose my outfit. I may put three choices on this blog and let the highest bidder pick. What do you think?

Here's another photo of my dance studio and my partner, Bill. He will be giving dance lessons at the YMCA this Tuesday and Wed.
On Tuesdays, April 7-28, May 5-26 and June 2-23 he will teach the West Coast Swing at the Salisbury YMCA located at 715 S. Schumaker Dr.
7:30-8:30 pm Advanced 8 count
8:30-9:30 pm Beginner 6 Count
On Wednesdays April8-29, May 6-27, and June 3-24, he will teach the hustle same location from 8:15 pm to 9:15 pm.
See Bill and Sue Goschen's web page for details.
Bill is a great dancer and teacher. You have got to take a lesson. It's fun, great exercise and it gets your mind off your troubles. It's a great way to reduce stress too.
Lastly for tonight----
Remember to vote/donate for DiPino at I want to personally invite you to see my performance on May 16! It will be an event to remember! It will be fun! (funny?) Buy your ticket today! Tickets are limited so hurry and get yours now. It's easy! Just log on and donate/vote for me!
God Bless-
Dancing Chief B

Sunday, April 5, 2009

This is the website:
Remember to buy a ticket in my name or donate money in my name! Every dollar counts as a vote! Even $1 would be great. 50% of my dancing score comes from every dollar I raise!!!! You've seen the video... donate!!!!
Chief Dancing B

Saturday, April 4, 2009

My first lesson

April 4, 2009 My first real dance lesson!

Today I planned to meet with my dance teacher for my first lesson. His name is Bill Goschen and he is good! His beautiful and talented wife, Sue, was there too. She is a great dancer as well. Check out Bill's web page: Very impressive!

My first responsibility was to find a place to practice. Not an easy task!

I spent half the morning looking for a dance studio. I left messages all over the place and spoke to a number of people. I had just about given up when an angel, AKA, Beverly Furst, called me and graciously agreed to allow Bill to teach me at the Health and Racket Club. Beverly is a well know local in Ocean City who owns the Ocean City Health and Racket Club. She is also very active with charitable organizations herself. She has a big heart and a great family! Check out their web page:

Thanks again Bev!

When I first arrived, I met the owner, Mr. Furst,who you see
here pictured with my dance partner, Bill. Two handsome guys, huh?!
Mr. Furst said the Wellness Community is an outstanding organization and he is proud and happy to help us with this great cause. The dance room we used has a wooden floor, mirrors to watch all my mistakes, and a great sound system.

I ended up putting the Dancing with Delmarva Stars magnet on the door because people kept looking in and wanted to know what was going on!
So far everyone who hears about this event is excited about it and thinks it's a really cool idea.

The lesson began-dutdutdaaaa...

We started slow. Bill taught me how to stand like a dancer (still have a lot of work there) Attitude is important here! So is good balance and posture.

I learned some basic steps. Bill is a tough instructor. He demands perfection! He even uses a fly swatter to keep his students in line.
See this photo!

Wow, I have an all new respect for dancers! My first lesson went well, but it was hard work. I can't wait for my family and friends to see this dance when I perform on May 16. Bill showed me some fancy lifts, dips and surprise moves that I think will impress the judges and audience! Let's just pray I can master them! I am confident I will with such a great teacher and partner. Sue was a great help. Thanks again Sue!

We practiced for almost two hours. I was pretty tired at the end. It was a work out, for sure.
Check it out for yourself. Here's some video footage from today:

As you can see, I've got a ways to go! I can tell you it was a lot of fun and I'm hooked on dancing!

PS The April 2 kick off was very nice. The food was incredible and I got to meet a lot of wonderful people from the Wellness Community and the Stars! All the Stars were so friendly and a little scared like me. We posted our first web cam confessional, like on those reality TV shows. Check it out on the

Now remember to go the web page and vote for me with dollars! Every dollar counts as a vote. Don't you think all the hard work I put in today deserves a couple bucks? Please?!!!!! Thanks in advance and God Bless!

Dancing Chief B

PSS. Tonight I attended a DC Retired Police Officers function and when I told them about Dancing with the Delmarva Stars they all clapped. There was music at the function and a few of the gentleman whisked me to the dance floor. They told me they would give me a few lessons! They sure did! They were good dancers.I enjoyed the dances and the evening with these great citizens. They committed many years of honorable service to protecting Washington DC and I was honored and proud to speak to them tonight. Thank you all again for the experience, especially the wonderful group who sat at my table. They were so kind and enjoyable to meet.

Pictures of me

Here are a few photos. Stay tuned, I will be putting up some video of my first lesson!
Dancing Chief B

dancing queen - abba

How did I get myself into this?

Welcome to my Chief B Dancing with the Delmarva Stars Blog!! My name is Bernadette DiPino and this is my first and only blog!

Thanks for checking in. Hope you like the music! Please check back often for updates.

Fact: I have agreed to perform a disco dance (live) on May 16, 2009 at Salisbury University at Halloway Hall at 7pm in from of about 800 people. Please buy a ticket to the event or consider a donation, even $1 will help. Every dollar counts as one vote! Visit this web site to vote for me!

Fact: I need to raise money for the Wellness Center. Check their site for details about their organization and all the good things they do!

Fact: I am not a professional dancer. (What is the opposite of professional? Unprofessional? Two left feet? No dance lessons?...Thats me! But I do love the 70's music and I have watched Saturday Night Fever and Dirty Dancing many times. I love ABBA and the BeeGees-so do those things count?)

How did I get myself into this?! Well...

I was minding my own business one night after work when my cell phone rang. The caller explained that she had heard me speak at a community meeting about crime prevention and I had graciously given out my cell phone number in case anyone there ever need anything. (Note to self: STOP doing that! :) ) She asked if I would be interested in helping with a charity called Dancing with the Delmarva Stars where money would be raised to help the Wellness Community. I have a hard time saying no to people in need so I easily agreed. I have watched Dancing with the Stars (It's one of my grandmother's favorite shows!) She said she would send me information and the kick off event would be April 2. It's a good thing she didn't say April 1 because I would have believed it was an April Fools joke that this organization wanted me to dance! So I've agreed to do it. My only obligation (haha) is shoes, a costume, and to learn one dance routine. Well here it goes. I said YES!!!

I will use this Blog to keep you informed of my experiences and progress. Please consider voting for me or buying a ticket for the event. The cost of a ticket is $15. Seating is limited and we hope the event will sell out fast! You can buy a VIP ticket for only $35 before April 16. VIP's are entitled to the after party which includes dance lessons, dancing, music and lite fare. After April 16 the VIP tickets are $50! If you can't make the event, you can still support me by voting for me by making a donation in my name on the web page:
Check it out!

Thank you for your generosity and kindness!
Check back later for video and photos. I go for my first dane lesson with my partner in 30 minutes! UGGH! AAHHHHH....

Dancing Chief B