Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lesson #4 & WMDT interview

Hi Everyone! This was Bill's face after our lesson today! A happy dance teacher.

Well, my forth lesson (about 2 hrs) went very well today. I am starting to get it! I was movin' on the dance floor! My partner, Bill, and I are really starting to gel! His wife Sue was there and was such a big help! She was so encouraging. She said I finally looked like I was having fun because I was smiling and looking at Bill. I guess up to now I've been so focused on concentrating on the steps I forgot to have fun! I think I've caught the dance bug! I love it! We tried some different music today too. (Mike Buble'- I love him and the song! But I can't reveal it at this time-top secret!) We continued to develop our routine. We discussed my costume and are really making progress! We've decided to pick up the pratice too because we want to win!!! ( Ok I want to win-but I think Bill wants to also!:))WMDT was there and filmed some of our practice including some lifts and footwork! They interviewed Bill and I at the end and it was pretty funny. We re-shot the last question when they asked what we wanted to say to our competition. I said in a bragging voice, Competition? What competition? We're just deciding whether we'll come in first or second?... haha. Sue held up a disco ball behind us when we told the camera we were performing a disco style dance.

I also got a plug in for the May 1 Disco 70's party fund raiser at Seacrets!

I really like working with Bill and Sue. They know how to pull the best out of you. Sue is a great role model and I learn alot about how to move by watching her perform with Bill. They are great dancers and teachers.

Everyone is asking me how the dancing is going. I sent out a mass email to a lot of people and am hoping to get some more money and support!

A special thanks to Melody and Liz for helping too. They are giving me ideas and spreading the word.

I just practiced some more tonight. I need to strengthen my legs and tighten my body movements. I have to admit I am getting more excited with each new lesson.

My next lesson is Monday night at the OC Health and Racket club-7pm. Come on in and watch if you are a member or join so you can see!

Don't forget about the May 1 event at Seacrets.
May 1 Seacrets 8:30-10:00 pm
That 70’s Extravaganza
Benefit for the Wellness Community
· Costume Contest
Come in early and sign up to be a judge!
Dress up in 70’s style clothes: think Partridge Family, Charlie’s Angels, disco era, Saturday Night Fever, Studio 54, Mama Mia, the Bee Gee’s, Elton John, KC and the Sunshine Band, the Commodores, the Village People, Cher, Blondie, Queen, Donna Summer
3 prizes-
· Best overall 70’s image
· Sexiest
· Most authentic

· Silent Auction
· Chinese auction
· 50/50
· Meet a professional dancer who will perform at the Dancing with the Delmarva Stars event

· Purchase your tickets for the Dancing with the Delmarva Stars

Thanks for viewing and keep supporting the Wellness Center!
God Bless,
Dancing Chief B

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