Sunday, May 17, 2009

WE WON!!! Thank you to all our supporters! We Won!

News Flash: Bill and I won the Dancing with Delmarva Stars event last night! We scored the highest dance score and raised the most money! A perfect score!

It's Sunday and last night seems like a magical dream. I am so happy that Bill and I won! We got three perfect tens for our performance! I was so excited when the judges threw up three 10's !!!!We dance last in the line-up. The wait was a little (huge under estimate!) nerve racking, but well worth it. We brought down the house! We really performed our hearts out. Everyone cheered and gave us a standing ovation! The judges were so nice.
The after party was the bomb. (That means really wonderful!!) They had an ice cream sundae bar that was packed full of toppings. There was a dance room where everyone got out and danced. It was a great VIP event! My parents and daughter were at the event. They had so much fun. I was so glad my family and friends were there to support me. I could hear the Fire department and Ocean City officials cheering. Chief Laramore-we're going to sign you up for next year's event! You'll be great! I heard my sister Gina and my daughter Tabitha shout encouragement. All that helped me a lot. I couldn't see anything or anyone, but I could hear and the sounds you all made gave me the confidence I needed. I am grateful. Thanks again.

I am so proud of the other dancers and instructors. To me it was a twelve way tie. It was obvious to me that everyone there deserved to win between their costumes and dance performance. It was a great show and very entertaining. All the dancers were nervous but they looked wonderful. They were beautiful and looked like real Radio City Music Hall performers! I am a little bias though because I see the true beauty shine through each of them in their commitment to do this event. They worked so hard to raise money and guess what! The event raised over $49,000.00!!!! Each dance gave a lot of their time and money to make this event a success. You are all winners!

Because of my supporter's generosity I was able to raise over $7000.00 of that amount!! To all who voted for me---Thank you all so much for buying tickets, donating in my name and purchasing silent auction items. You are the reason Bill and I took home the trophy! Thank you and God Bless you.

I am still on cloud nine. It was amazing to dance and then to win. My dress by Janet Guiton, my hair by Jody and Kristin of Visions 123rd st Ocean City 410-250-5188, and my makeup by Lisa at Visions were amazing. I received so many compliments. Thank you for giving me the outward appearance which gave me the extra confidence I need to perform last night. Cathy of Visions donated my hair style and make up for the benefit. The staff at Visions is the best. From massage to hair cut, color, style and extensions to make up to manicure/pedicures, Visions is a complete spa destination located in the shopping area next to Hooters at 123rd street. Cathy also sells great purses, art work and jewelery too. One of the judges said I looked like an angel in my dress but danced like the devil! Everyone wanted to know where I got my dress. Well, it's a one of a kind Janet Guiotn origional! Thanks Janet!

I owe such a huge debt of gratitude to Bill Goeshen and his wife Sue. You all must take a dance lesson with Bill. -check them out. Bill is so much fun. It is so much fun, great exercise, and a big stress reliever. Bill worked so hard to make us shine last night. He deserves all the credit. As I told you, I have never had a dance lesson and Bill (and Sue!) worked so hard to help me pull off this dance. I enjoyed meeting them and developing a lifelong friendship with them. They are good people. They are moving to the Eastern Shore so we are lucky to have a great dance instructor within reach. I will be dancing again! I was blessed with Bill as my partner. He has such energy and fun attitude. Thanks again Bill and Sue for your encouragement, support and valuable time! Bill spent many hours working with me. He didn't have to, but he is a professional! Support dance please!

To the Wellness Center Staff! Congratulations! You did a great job and raised a lot of money for a worthwhile cause. I am so proud that you asked me to be a part of it. The event was as good as the real show!

I've got to run. I am on my way to another benefit-this one for the Alzheimer's association. There will be a dance floor there and I will be showing off my new dance moves. My next goal is to find a partner!!!:)

I will write again to thank everyone who helped me as well as show video and photos! I will also write more about the experience last night.

Thanks and God Bless,
Dancing Chief B

Friday, May 15, 2009

Photos from Seacrets and Dance rehearsal tonight

Here are some photos from Seacrets May 1.

This is my Dad helping me with a drawing.
Well, this afternoon was our rehearsal for tomorrow night's big event! We saw the stage and got to practice our routine a little. We were shown our waiting area and given some instructions. I got to see a little of Stacy's dance. Everyone was so good! The show is going to be great! I wasn't expecting other performers to be there watching, but everyone wanted to get a look at the competition! Bill and I didn't do the whole performance, saving some for the big night. I must admit I was impressed with the dance of the other competitors! I wish I was going to be in the audience watching the show.
Tomorrow I'll get my hair done and my make up done and then meet everyone at SU for our group photos. Bill taught me to pose tonight for the pictures!
Sue and Bill have been really supportive and took time tonight to meet with me after their dance lessons to go over our routine and fine tune some of it. I am really excited and what was fear is now anticipation. I want to perform and do a good job! I can't wait to show off what we've worked so hard on. I can't believe the day is finally upon us!
Break a leg everyone! (As they say in show business!)
See you tomorrow!
Be safe,
Dancing Chief B

One more day! ...Vote for me until Midnight tonight!!!!

May 15-National Law Enforcement Officer's Day! A perfect day to post and say One more day!!!!
Hi everyome. Sorry for no posts the last 15 days-busy with dance and work! Let me catch you up!

May 1st event at Seacrets was incredible! Bill and I performed a little bit of our dance and we got a lot of applause! I got some attention from some of the guys there! There were some men who wanted to dance with me and donated money to the Wellness Community for the opportunity. I had so much fun. I must admit between the silent auction and the dancing I was exhausted at the end of the night. I have to thank so many people for the success:To My Daughter, Tabitha, my Mom and Dad, Leighton Moore and the staff at Seacrets (amazing individuals who did everything they could to make this event incredible!), Liz Steedman, Rob K, Melodie Carder and her son, the Wellness Community reps, and all the people who attended the event and last but not least my talented and gifted partner/instructor, Bill G----Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!! I also have to thank the individuals who donated items for the silent auction! I will post all the vendors on my next blog. Please support them for their generosity!

Bill and I have continued our practice. I feel we are finally ready. I am excited and nervous at the same time. The Saturday after the Seacrets event my whole body was sore! :) Over the past couple of week we have fine tuned our routine and I know we are going to put on an amazing show for the over 750 people who bought tickets! Wow-750 people. I better not dwell on that number too much. I've heard they are making a video to purchase so contact me if you want one!
One night Bill brought a friend ( I have his photo and will download it later) to help with some special effects we have in our routine (no hints!) Thank you!

I can't believe it is down to one more day before our big show. I hope we've been able to raise enough money for the Wellness Community. Their program and commitment is commendable.

I am proud to be involved in this event.

I got my costume this week-a very talented costume designer/tailor and dear friend, Janet Guiton, transformed a plain dress into something I am going to be so proud and excited to wear for the performance tomorrow night. If you need any type of sewing work she is the woman to call. She makes wedding dresses and hems clothing and is so professional and kind. She has a great eye and I am so grateful that she donated her time and work to the event! Thanks Janet! God Bless you and your wonderful family too.

Bill-a personal public thank you from me. You have been such a gentleman and great teacher. You have brought out more from me than I could imagine. I hope I make you proud tomorrow night. I will remember left, right, turn quick quick (fly swatter) and the pole and attitude and shoulders and posture and stay ahead of the music and straight lines, and All the words of wisdom you have given me since April 3! We have come a long way is 5 weeks.
Sue-thanks for you encouragement, example and ideas that have made our routine exceptional! I am so glad I've gotten to know you and appreciate the time you've allowed Bill to work with me. I know it has cut into your limited personal time with Bill. I am grateful.

To all who have bought tickets and donated in my name-Thank you and God Bless you. You have given to an organization that helps people when they are suffering and dealing with impossible issues. I choose my career because I wanted to make a difference. Thank you to the Wellness Community for allowing me to do this. It has been hard work and I have spent a lot of time, money and effort on this event, but I do it because I know the money we raise will go to people who need The Wellness Community's love, support and commitment to helping cancer patients and their families with a scary and life altering disease.

My Mom is a survivor and I have friends and co-workers who are dealing with or have survived cancer. May God continue to bless them. I pray for them and ask you to pray for them also.
You may consider donating your time to this organization or to another charitable group. Your life will be transformed and will have a purpose far above material gain and THINGS! Your reward will be great. You will feel so good about yourself the first time you volunteer or do something to help another human being. You will feel the grace of God in the gift you give. It comes right back to you.

Thanks for reading my blog. I will write more after the event! Now go vote some more in my name!! You have until Midnight!
Today I am getting a tan from Beach Fever in Salisbury and tomorrow I am getting my hair and make-up done by Visions Day Spa located at 123rd street in Ocean City! They are talented! Thanks to Kristin, Jody, Cathy, and Lisa in advance!

Thanks again and Love to you all,

Chief Dancing B

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dance Lesson 8! New Video MAYDAY Seacrets Friday night!

Hi Everyone!!!

It's been a few days since I last wrote of my dance adventures. Sorry-work has kept me busy. Don't you hate when that happens-worki interferes with your personal life! :)

Thanks and a shout out to my Mom and Dad who helped me put out about 100 posters Saturday Night. They were cheap labor-it only cost me a McDonald's $1.00 Sundae each! :) We are trying to get the word out! Love you both.

My brother paid me $100.00 to take his picture off this blog. haha I will after the dance!!!! My niece Sophia must get a mention here as the photgrapher who took that picture. She is 4 years old and so cute. When I showed her the picture of her Dad and me she said, "I took that picture!" and guess what-She did-so I owe her the credit! She was so excited to see the photo she took of us on Easter!

Well, I just got home from dance lesson # 8. Bill and I are really doing well. I really enjoy dancing. We had a photgrapher there and our photo will be in the Daily times Sunday.

Thanks again to the OC Health and Racket Club. It has been so easy using their facility.

Bill and I broke our dance down to paper, thanks to Sue for keeping track of out move last Saturday, and actually taped them to the mirror. Sue go to the Doc and feel better please! We broke the dance down move by move and rehearsed until we felt good about it. I finally got the posture deal tonight. It was like a click in my head. During past lessons Bill and Sue kept telling me shoulders back, hold your arms tight etc, but I didn't really get it until tonight! I also liked Bill's inspiration for the Eagle move! By arching my back it reduces the size of my behind! He didn't have to tell me that one twice! :) Check out our video! Listen as Bill panics thinking someone will read our steps!

I am feeling so much better about our routine and my dancing. It takes a lot of confidence! There are always people pointing out what you are doing wrong and I am not talking about Bill and Sue the professionals! They are great. They have been so patient and encouraging. They are supportive and wonderful. Some of my "fans" have not been the same. It's funny! Everyone thinks they can dance. I now have a better respect and appreciation for dancers. I watch Dancing with The Stars with a whole new eye! I appreciate the efforts dancers make when performing. It is just not easy, but they make it look effortless.

I have to admit Dance lesson # 6 was a rough one. I was not dancing to the music and for some reason I was not concentrating or I was thinking too much. It was a little discouraging for me becasue we had done so well during lesson #5. Sue and Bill realized I needed a pep up so on Lesson #7 we went back to the basics.

I still have a hard time when I realize someone is watching me! I better get over that one! And quick!

My daughter, Tabitha will be coming down Friday to help with the Seacrets Fund raiser! Thank you Girlie!

I want to invite everyone to come to Seacrets Friday night at 8:30. You've got to come. I have a cool 70's dress to wear and we have a lot of fun events planned. There will be food, 70's music, costume contest with prizes, a silent auction, dance for a buck with Bill or me, dancing tips by BG Dance instructor, Bill, and a preview, just a littletease, of our dance routine. It should be a Saturday Night Fever event! Since it's on May 1 we are calling it Mayday, Mayday, Bernadette needs Help!
As a big surprise I have the last of the tickets for the Dancing with Delmarva Stars up for auction Friday night! These are the last 5 tickets available so come in and bid!
Thanks again to the silent auction sponsors:
Hebron Bank, Seacrets, Atlantic BodyWork Center, Visions Day Spa, Dollies Seaside Basket courtesy of Bernadette DiPino, Atlantic Hotel gift cardc ourtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Cockrell, NASA memorabilia, Uof Md. folding chairs, courtesy of MML-Police Executive Association and much more to come!

I am pretty tired after dancing for almost two hours. But I feel happy and satisfied. Bill and I just texted each other over our dance schedule next week. We are working hard to put on a great performance. Please buy a ticket, donate some money in my name for a good cause, or come on out to Seacrets on Friday to have some fun and raise money for a good cause!

Thanks in advance and I hope to see you soon!
Dancing Chief B

I want and need to thank Janet Guiton for doing my costume. I am so excited about it. No clues, but just know it will be fabulous! She is a dear friend and a wonderful person. Her daughters are wonderful dancers too! I am thinking of buying them a blonde wig and sending them out on stage in my place! :) Only kidding-I want to dance!
I love it!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

May 1 Fund raiser at Seacrets

Remember: This Friday, May 1 8:30 pm-10:30 pm Seacrets fund raiser to benefit the Wellness Community and support me, Bernadette DiPino, one of the "Stars" for Dancing with Delmarva Stars! Cost is $10 at the door and includes, food, silent auction items, a 70's costume contest, 70's Saturday Night Fever style music, dancing and much, much, more. A professional dancer, my great partner Bill, will be on hand to show you how to move! Please show up and help raise money for a great cause. The Wellness Community provides free counceling, support, and so much more to cancer patients. My Mom is a skin cancer survivor and I know so many people who are fighting cancer. This is a small way for me to thank God for the gift of my Mom as well as a way to help others in our community. Plus it will be a lot of fun. I always wanted to go to a disco when I was growing up, but by the time I was old enough to go to a disco, disco disappeared. So please help me live my dream of going to a disco by meeting me at Seacrets Friday and help me raise money for the Wellness Community!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lesson 5 Update/ Vote for Me!/Remember May 1

Hi Everyone,
This pix is a hint at what song Bill and I have choosen for our dance number. Send in your guesses! You'll never guess it! It's a pretty picture even if you can't guess the song!

I had my 5th lesson tonight. Bill and I have been working hard. We are doing pretty good. Bill is a great instructor and I can I am doing better! Bill has been so patient with me-such the novice that I am. But I must admit-I am finally dancing. My body is moving to the rhythm of the music. It is a lot of fun! I am really enjoying these lessons. The first few I was so scared that I was going to step the wrong way or embarrass myself! Now I look forward to the lessons and what a workout too! We've been working hard on our routine and have a very cool beginning planned. No hints-all I can say is Hot Hot Hot!
Remember to attend the Friday, May 1 event at Seacrets 8:30 pm-10:30 pm! It will be a lot of fun. Dress in your fav 70's style and getting your Boogie shoes ready to dance. We'll have a costume contest, silent auction items and a lot more fun. There will be a meet and greet with my Dance Pro-Bill G. He is amazing! You've got to come just to meet him! Thanks again to the Ocean City Health and Racket Club. Bev and Mr. Furst have been such gracious hosts. The location is perfect and has a great sound system. The work-out facilities are amazing. I get a kick out of the number of people who watch Bill and I dance after they finish their work outs. They want to know what's going on! They comment they really enjoy watching.

I met with Liz tonight-what a God send she is! We have been working hard to get the word out and plan the May 1 event. Melodie C is also a wonderful partner. She has given me great support and is so full of energy! I liked her the second I saw her. She is an Angel with a big heart. I am so happy to be working with her. She is working hard to promote this event and me! Thanks Melodie!

Remember to go to
and vote/donate in my name! I need help!!!!
It is for such a good cause!

Be safe,
Dancing Chief B

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lesson #4 & WMDT interview

Hi Everyone! This was Bill's face after our lesson today! A happy dance teacher.

Well, my forth lesson (about 2 hrs) went very well today. I am starting to get it! I was movin' on the dance floor! My partner, Bill, and I are really starting to gel! His wife Sue was there and was such a big help! She was so encouraging. She said I finally looked like I was having fun because I was smiling and looking at Bill. I guess up to now I've been so focused on concentrating on the steps I forgot to have fun! I think I've caught the dance bug! I love it! We tried some different music today too. (Mike Buble'- I love him and the song! But I can't reveal it at this time-top secret!) We continued to develop our routine. We discussed my costume and are really making progress! We've decided to pick up the pratice too because we want to win!!! ( Ok I want to win-but I think Bill wants to also!:))WMDT was there and filmed some of our practice including some lifts and footwork! They interviewed Bill and I at the end and it was pretty funny. We re-shot the last question when they asked what we wanted to say to our competition. I said in a bragging voice, Competition? What competition? We're just deciding whether we'll come in first or second?... haha. Sue held up a disco ball behind us when we told the camera we were performing a disco style dance.

I also got a plug in for the May 1 Disco 70's party fund raiser at Seacrets!

I really like working with Bill and Sue. They know how to pull the best out of you. Sue is a great role model and I learn alot about how to move by watching her perform with Bill. They are great dancers and teachers.

Everyone is asking me how the dancing is going. I sent out a mass email to a lot of people and am hoping to get some more money and support!

A special thanks to Melody and Liz for helping too. They are giving me ideas and spreading the word.

I just practiced some more tonight. I need to strengthen my legs and tighten my body movements. I have to admit I am getting more excited with each new lesson.

My next lesson is Monday night at the OC Health and Racket club-7pm. Come on in and watch if you are a member or join so you can see!

Don't forget about the May 1 event at Seacrets.
May 1 Seacrets 8:30-10:00 pm
That 70’s Extravaganza
Benefit for the Wellness Community
· Costume Contest
Come in early and sign up to be a judge!
Dress up in 70’s style clothes: think Partridge Family, Charlie’s Angels, disco era, Saturday Night Fever, Studio 54, Mama Mia, the Bee Gee’s, Elton John, KC and the Sunshine Band, the Commodores, the Village People, Cher, Blondie, Queen, Donna Summer
3 prizes-
· Best overall 70’s image
· Sexiest
· Most authentic

· Silent Auction
· Chinese auction
· 50/50
· Meet a professional dancer who will perform at the Dancing with the Delmarva Stars event

· Purchase your tickets for the Dancing with the Delmarva Stars

Thanks for viewing and keep supporting the Wellness Center!
God Bless,
Dancing Chief B